The possibilities at La Rastelayre and in the surrounding countryside are endless!

We have made up a chart listing all the things we could think of to do here and you are welcome to download it to take a look.

Many of our guests spend most of their time hanging around at La Rastelayre as it makes for a very relaxing holiday with beautiful surroundings and enough to do. However, if you are more the adventurous or active type, there is plenty to explore.

For ice cream and sorbet lovers we highly recommend a visit to Le Moulinon’s Terre d’Adélice where you can have your all-time favourite flavour or try some very exotic ones like lavender, goat’s cheese or wasabi! All the ice cream is made on the premises and contain only the best, natural ingredients. Just browsing through the vast array of different flavours makes the trip worthwhile.

La Rastelayre is situated near the towns of St Pierreville (2,5km), Albon (6,5km) and St. Sauveur-de-Montagut (12,5km). The area is known for it’s chestnuts, bilberries, goat’s milk cheese and scenic mountains. The Gluyere river provides many river pools for swimming, picnic spots, and fishing.

The local cuisine is varied and inexpensive with many restaurants dotted around the local villages. Most villages have a small general store and practically all have a good baker with fresh bread baked daily. There is a large supermarket and other grocery stores available in St Sauveur-de-Montagut. For a hypermarket experience you will need to visit one of the bigger towns like Valence, Le Cheylard or La Voulte. There are also local markets where local farmers sell their fresh produce including vegetables and fruit, cheeses, sausages and meat, honey and various other local delicacies as well as clothing, fabric and table cloths, herbs and spices and wine.

There are two Tourist offices nearby, one in St.Pierreville and one in St. Sauveur-de-Montagut. They have a wealth of information on what is going on in the region. There are a number of museums, castles and ruins in the area that are open to the public during the summer months.

Some of the things to do in the Immediate Surroundings:

  • Ice cream and sorbet shop
  • Canoeing on the Eyrieux river
  • Wool museum
  • Chestnut museum
  • Markets
  • Summer Festivals
  • Cycling, swimming, hiking and walking

Some of the things to do Further Afield:

  • Canoeing on the Ardèche river and visiting the Ardèche gorges with their numerous caves
  • Visiting towns such as Avignon, Montelimar, Nyons, Le Cheylard, Orange, Valence …..
  • Lavender fields of the Drôme region; canoeing also possible in the Drôme area and a lot less crowded than the Ardèche river
  • The Ardèchois plateau with extinct volcano – Gerbier de Joncs, the source of the Loire, the Ray Pic waterfalls, Lake St. Martial and Lake Issarlès
  • Wine tasting routes
  • Valrhona Chocolate in Tain l’ Hermitage
  • The Peaugres Safari Park
  • The Vivarais Little Train
  • Castles
  • Cross-country skiing (winter only)
  • Crocodile Farm

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